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More About The Monsters of ReVamp'd

Anyone who writes a Buffy based fanfiction is bound at some time to create a monster antogonist to pit her against in battle. Of course, there are the usual Creatures that Go Bump in the Night, things like your undead vampires, packs of werewolves, and other evil critters mentioned during the television show.

In the pages of ReVamp'd, I've taken some literary licence in devising various enemies for Buffy and the Scoobies to fight,. To come up with these creatures, and to keep them at least semi-plausible, I've followed the example of my favorite British ex-librarian and Watcher.

I did my research.

Surf the web and you will find a vast host of demons, monsters, and beasts that are common to various cultures around the world. These oogly blooglies were once considered an actual threats by many of the local human populace, and as such,. various creative methods were devised to protect people from these dangerous beasts.


Using some of these imaginative legends as my basic blueprint, I came up with the creatures in my fanfic., as well as any information and rules that govern each of these beasts' behaviors. I'd like you to think of these entries as having come from the pages of one of Giles' musty old books. Also referenced is the ReVamp'd fanfic in which the creature is mentioned, and any details I thought pertinent to the individual creature's personality..

In addition, I have included a listing of research books at the bottom of this webpage that I've imagined Giles might have available within his private Watcher library. This selection has been devised purely for entertainment purposes. Please don't expect to find these volumes for purchase anywhere, as they are fictional in origin.


This list is arranged by the order of appearance in the pages of ReVamp'd

Vampires, aka Vampyr, The Undead, Creature of the Night, Those Life Challenged, Blood Sucking Fiend, Toothy Ones


Since Buffy, and her students, are vampire slayers, this is one of the easiest foes to have them encounter. You will find dozens of these vile undead creatures in the pages of ReVamp'd. Some will have names and very individual personalities, while others will be mentioned only in passing. Since they are a running theme throughout nearly every fanfic, I have chosen to include those I feel stand out enough to carry a name, or whose recurring presence, or the importance of their to the story place them above others of their kind..

Loup-garou ( aka Louisiana Werewolf, the Bayou Werewolf, Roux-ga-rous, Rougarou, Rugaru, Rugaroo )

The loup-garou is a creature with origins in the Laurentian French communities of North America, and the French Louisiana bayou culture. ( Fr. “Loup, gardez-vous!” translates, to “Wolf, watch out!” ). It is a person transformed into a wolf creature. Its appearance is notable for its glowing, fiery red eyes, body fur, wild wolf-like behavior, and its fierce disposition.

According to some traditions, one becomes a loup-garou through breaking lent seven years in a row. A witch’s magick may also accomplish the task through a spell. The curse/enchantment lasts for 101 days, though it can be transferred when blood is drawn from a human. When this blood act has taken place, the loup-garou becomes human again, but acts sickly afterward. That is how those around him come to recognize that he was the loup-garou terrorizing the area.

A person can also willingly transform themselves into a loup-garou through the use of magicks. This is done with the use of a special oil rubbed on the body.

There are several methods by which the loup-garou can be either repelled, or revealed. The creature is said to be afraid of frogs, and will run away if one is thrown at it. The loup-garou can also be easily tricked by a colander, or sifter hung near a home’s entry. The loup-garou will be compelled to stop and count the holes. So occupied, it forgets its original mission, and those inside the home remain safe.

To force the loup-garou to shed its pelt, and reveal the true person within, throw salt at it. The purifying properties of the salt will cause a burning sensation, and the shapeshifter will shift back into human form, much in the same manner as a snake wriggling from its skin. Some say the salt will cause the “wolf coat” to catch fire, thus revealing the person within, as well as rendering the coat itself useless.

There are other shapeshifters that are known to take on wolf or coyote forms such as the Yenaldoshi, aka known as yee naaaldlooshii. This is a coyote skin walker of the Navaho Native American tribe.

There is also the Huay Chivo, a Mayan sorcerer creature that is half man and half beast. This creature possesses burning red eyes. Originating in the Yucatan area, he is an evil sorcerer. He is sometimes known as Chivo Brujo (Chupacabra?)


And here are a few additional about our loup garous

**Houma, Louisiana holds a Rougarou Festival the last Saturday in October. There is a song by Dr. John call Loop-Garoo. Nagual, or nahual is a human with the ability to transform into an animal form. This is from the Olmec culture. Shamanistic. “Transforming witch/trickster”, drinks blood and steals property. Daniel Garrison Brinton published a book Nagualism: A Study in Native American Folklore and History Wayob is the plural of Way, or Uay, and is Mayan for Sleep. Uaay Xibalba is an underworld transformer, who has made a pact with the devil for his powers. Therianthropy is being able to shape shift from human to animal and back.

Lucien “Luc” Rouseau is originally from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. He shows up as the one-off villain in Story #4 Here We Go Loup-garou. Details of his background can be found in Chapter 12 “Assassin’s Greed”


A shape-shifter, Luc takes of the form of a very large wolf with burning red eyes. He willingly obtains the form of a loup-garou through the use of magicks. Most of his antics are mischievous pranks, but he is not above killing his victims, especially if money or some personal gain is involved.

Drawn by the mystical energy of the semi-dormant Hellmouth, Luc ends up in Westcliffe, and starts terrorizing the residents. The activity comes to the attention of Buffy and her friends when there is a news report of small animals showing up dead around town. During a training patrol with two of the slayerettes, Buffy and Kennedy have their first run in with Luc. He escapes their clutches, but one of the slayers in training, Jacqui Todd, is injured, and ends up in the hospital.

That evening, while celebrating in a bar, Luc is approached by Eli Reyes, a vampire. Luc offers to rid him of the hospitalized slayerette. Disguised as a physician, he attempts to drug/poison the girl, but is thwarted by Giles, who recognizes that he is not part of the staff. Luc runs, and is pursued by Buffy and slayerette Sherilynn McCrorry, and once again he gives the slayer the slip.

Buffy and her gang have yet to figure out that human Luc and the loup-garou are one in the same. Frustrated at another of her prey getting away, Buffy decides to vent her disappointment by hunting down the elusive loup-garou. With the help of another slayer, Dannita Bowles, some salt, and a radio report, Buffy locates her prey. A vigorous salt bombing gets him hunt him to shed his shape-shifting pelt and reveal his human form, and she finally recognizes Luc for his dual personality. Unfortunately, Luc was left badly burned. He ends up in the same hospital as Jacqui. While lying in the ER, one of Eli Reyes’ minions ( Dr. Emile Sundberg ) pays him a visit. Because of his failure to kill Jacqui, or any other slayer, Luc is eliminated through exsanguination.

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