Here on the pages of ReVampœd you will meet a collection of young women who have newly received the slayer’s calling. These “slayerettes” in training will receive a ten week introductory series of courses on what it means to be the Chosen Ones. Upon their graduation, each slayer will be assigned to a Watcher of their own, and the two shall go forth to become scourges unto the forces of evil, and to make this world a safer place for all.

The First Slayer Class: January thru March 2004

Caroline “Carrie” Boone is a very intelligent sixteen year old. Her father’s name is Harry, and Mom is Pauline. Her siblings in their order of birth are older brothers Terrence, and Kurt, twin sisters Gina and Geraldine, and two younger siblings, a brother Peter, and a sister Michaela.

She likes all kinds of music, including country, and would like to go to college someday, but with six siblings at home, and parents with limited salaries, her hopes for higher education are very slim. Any money her parents can make available has been earmarked toward educating her two older brothers, and a pair of twin sisters who are the grade above her in school. She is considered an outcast in school, having very few true friends, and because her hopes of college are vague, her future career choice is undecided.

Carrie likes to wear her reddish-blonde hair pulled back at all times, and her eyes are a deep, dark brown. She is a plain girl, who never dresses up or wears make-up. Her wardrobe consists entirely of hand-me-downs from her twin sisters, and she often has two of each outfit in a color variation.

Aisha Campbell is eighteen, which is normally considered old for a potential. She is tall, and willowy slim, with striking features reminiscent of her Watusi African roots, with deep, dark eyes of an almond shape, and mid-length straightened hair


Aisha is out on her own, and no longer lives with parents. She is originally from North Carolina, where her folks, Rosemont and Veronica still live with a younger brother named Gavyn. Aisha moved to the Los Angeles area wanting to work in the movie industry, but not as an actress. Her passion is glamour make-up.

In addition, Aisha if a fan of vintage sixties-style thrift shop clothing. She wears her natural hair in vibrant colors that change with her whim, favoring purples, pinks and blue. Green is about the only color she doesn’t like, though she will wear it in clothing as long as it is bright. She wears lots of chunky, cheap jewelry, and adores collecting funky, usual handbags, which she was crushed because she had to leave behind while attending the school.

In the past, she has lived with a roommate. Male or female, it didn’t matter. Her only concern was they pay their end of the rent, and are not a complete slob.

Emily “Em” Espinoza is a seventeen year old with a flawless complexion, brown eyes, and long dark hair. She is of average height, and likes dancing, and boys. She is also bi-lingual with a Latino ethnic background.

Her parents, Jorge and Margarita, are second-generation emigrants, the children of migrant workers. She had a brother, Hector, who died in a convenience store robbery gone bad, and this event caused her parents to worry about gang violence encroaching on their once family oriented neighborhood. For this reason, they decided that the slayer school was a wonderful idea for their daughter. They are complete believers in the semi-supernatural world. Their religion allows them to accept the idea of demons, and have brought up Emily to believe these things, too.

Emily’s family lives near San Diego, where she is a bright, vivacious senior at her high school, and she has many friends.

Janice Jacobson is fifteen years old. She is very tall, shy girl, with short curly hair that is mousey blonde/brown in color. Her eyes are a washed out blue. While far from ugly, she does not make any particular attempts to glamorize her appearance. She is also not a physically active girl, though she is far from out of shape. Having started a regime of slayer training she is defining her musculature.

Janice’s parents are older. Bill and Maggie are well into their sixties, and already grandparents. Her two sisters, Kelly and Mary, already have children of their own.

Janice likes music, and listens to Avril Lavigne, Dido, and Barenaked Ladies. She loves all kinds of animals, and would love to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Tamara Kavanaugh is sixteen. She is a girl of mixed blood with African American and Irish roots. This has given her hazel eyes, and a pale African complexion that shows her freckles. Her hair is worn braided most of the time. She is a tough girl, muscled like an athlete, but is small of stature.

Tamara is from a military family. Her father, Major Brian Kavanaugh, is currently stationed overseas, but the rest of her family is here in America. They live on an army base, where her mother, Serena, has a civilian job as a secretary. She is Brian’s second wife, and a full mother to Tarmara and a son, Jamaal. She is also a step-mother to Brian’s other son, Brendan. Both young men are currently enlisted, living on base near Serena, and awaiting eventual deployment.

A fast runner, Tamara can keep up with both her brothers on a physical level. She tends toward military garb cast-offs for her outfits, wearing lots of black, khaki, olive green and camouflage. Her idea of jewelry is a leather wrist band, and silver faux ID tags she was given as a present from her parents. She knows how to use a gun, and has ambitions to join the army when she gets older.

Paige Meecham is sixteen years old, and has a fraternal twin, Perrie, that is younger by five minutes. Perrie did not receive the slayer calling. She dyes her short, curly hair black, which is a stark contrast to her blue-gray eyes. She is petite in size, even shorter than Buffy, and slim in build, but muscled.

Her parents, Sharlene and Clifton, believe in the cause. They have relatives in the church, and believe in the existence of demons, and a world that is evil. Like the McCrorry’s, they want their child to follow the faith. Where the families differ, however, Paige is not a dissident, but dutifully toes the family line, following their values, though albeit reluctantly at times as she is a teenager.

Paige has an overwhelming fear of bugs, is squeamish for a slayer. She never wears a skirt or dress, only slacks, and mostly jeans at that. She pairs them with all sorts of shirts in a tee material, sleeved and sleeveless. Her idea of dressing up is wearing spots of jewelry, or a bandana scarf.

Sherilynn McCrorry is fifteen years old. She has naturally platinum blonde hair cut in a boyish crew, a pale almost albino complexion, and striking violet colored eyes. She is approximately 5’ 6’’ in height and weighs around 125 pounds. The daughter of Dennis and Tracey McCrorry, Sherilynn was one of the girls activated by Willow’s spell, and the first student to be interviewed for classes at the new Slayer School. Her folks live in Sacramento, and are very religious, pushing their daughter to conform. They are worried about her strange behavior, and how she has chosen to shun the church life. Because they are so overhearing, of course, she has decided to rebel by going against all their values. She shows this in a sullen attitude, anti-social behavior, and the way she dresses.

Sherilynn wears dark, goth-like boy’s clothing: oversized black shirts, lumpy black cargo pants and Doc Martin boots.. Her jewelry consisting of chains and studded leather bands. She has pierced ears, one of which sports multiple holes. When she does wear makeup, it is in wild colors. Her attitude at the school is barely tolerant of any instruction, and she often has cold, but realistically negative things to say about others’ ideas.

Francheska “Frankie” Parks is fifteen years old. She is stocky, with a boyish build, but has a bodacious bottom. She is also tall, though not freakishly so. She has close cropped brown hair that is tawny in color, and pale amber eyes. While only slightly on the curvy side, she chooses to hide what little figure she has beneath bulky layers of clothing.

Frankie’s parents and family live in Santa Barbara, not too far away. Her mother’s name is Donna, and her father is Robert. She has an older brother, Big Franco, who lives with his family in the city, and works as a mechanic.

While Frankie loves to shop, and try on clothes, she sews many of her own outfits, and often redesigns those she buys, with an aim to make them unique to herself alone. She is into fashion big time, and reads all the fashion magazines. He dream ambition is to design clothing for a living. She listens to a lot of music, knows all the popular songs, and hums as she sews.

Jacqui Todd is fifteen years old, and has mid-length dark hair with grey eyes. She is all of five feet, five inches in height, and started slayer training on the slightly chunky side, but quickly dropped a few pounds and managed to perfect a healthy musculature.

An only child, her father, Rayburn, died in the Gulf war, leaving her Mom, Wendy, to raise her daughter on her own. Mom is a habitual alcoholic, and occasional drug user, who is in and out of rehab, but since she keeps trying to clean up her act, she manages to keep Jacqui as her ward. Still, it is difficult for Wendy to keep steady work, and she is not above exploiting a situation. When Giles showed up at her doorstep with the proposal for free schooling, Wendy jumped on it right away. She and Jacqui have moved around a lot in pursuit of viable work, as well as to avoid the law and creditors.

Jacqui keeps a journal. She likes plants, and flowers, and all things related to botany. Willow believes she is a possible herbal genius in the making. Jacqui is a quiet girl, but harbors a secret interest in gossip, especially of the celebrity type.

Heather Warzycha is one of the older slayers, and was activated at the ripe age of eighteen. She has long, medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles, which she dislikes Heather is very physical, was on several team sports in school, and continues to jog, and looks forward to self-defense classes, hoping to someday work in a gym as a personal trainer.

Her father, aka Barry the Bomber, was a former boxer who left the ring after an injury. He is currently a part owner of a paint supply store called Color My World, that is located in one of the neighboring communities. Mom, Linda, is a nurse, as is Heather’s older twenty-something sister, Tiffany. Tiffany opted for college, but Heather decided to fast track her life with an immediate career. She made this choice to be with her high school boyfriend, Jiro, but his family returned to Japan, and they had to break, leaving Heather to make a new choice in her career path, that of a bank teller. She was at work when she became activated as a slayer, jumping into action when she realized the crook was armed with a fake pistol.

Heather is the antithesis of all polish jokes, smart and very hip to life in general. She is currently between jobs, and rather than moving back home with her parents, she opted for slayer school, delaying any life decisions for the moment.

The Second Slayer Class? April thru June? 2004

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